Sosatie Wors

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Sweet and savoury flavour with top notes of garlic and black pepper.
Not suitable for people with wheat gluten, soya bean, egg, and milk allergy

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Fatty, Lean, Medium Fat


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Boerewors Standards

Do you know the standards for BOEREWORS? – Boerewors shall be contained in an edible casing and shall contain a minimum of 90% total meat content and not more than 30% fat content” and “there shall be no offal except where such offal is to be used solely as the casing of the raw boerewors and it shall contain no “mechanically recovered meat”. As to seasoning and fillers, very specific “no ingredients shall be added except cereal products or starch, vinegar, spices, herbs, salt, other harmless flavourants, permitted food additives and water”.

Some History

Boerewors was first made on farms in South Africa. It contained a mixture of beef and pork, with cubes of “speck” infused. The meat mixture was flavoured with salt, pepper and various spices, especially corriander. Originally the finely cut / minced meat was stuffed through a cattle horn into cleaned beef, pork or sheep intestine (casing). Fresh boerewors was used as a “braai” (BBQ) dish for breakfast and supper. The first printed Afrikaans cookbook (1891) contained a recipe for boerewors. (Steyn 1989)