Lamb Chops ±832g

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NZ Lamb – 6 Chops per tray

Frozen Chops ...

  • Chops are safe to freeze for as long as 12 months, but for optimum condition, don’t leave them in the freezer longer than four months
  • Meat that has been partially thawed in the fridge can be

refrozen. It will be safe to eat, although it will have lost some of its original quality.

  • Never refreeze meat that has been thawed and held at room temperature.
  • Once cooked, frozen meat can be refrozen.

Thawing Meat

Thaw meat in the fridge rather than on the bench. This ensures a controlled, even thawing process, especially in the summer heat.

If placing raw meat, fish or poultry in the fridge, ensure it’s in a drip-proof dish, well-covered and placed in the bottom of the fridge so it doesn’t drop on other food.