Caramel Highlander 380g

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Create sweet caramel desserts and slices with ease using this delicious caramel filling. Ready to dollop straight from the tin for your dessert topping, filling for Banoffee Pie or to fill tartlet cases. Made with only two ingredients – cane sugar and fresh milk, it contains no artificial colours or flavours.

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Peppermint Crisp Tart - Chelsea NZ Recipe

This is an adaption of the traditional South African peppermint crisp tart recipe. Best made the day before. You can also mix the chocolate into the caramel mixture if you prefer and grate the chocolate onto the final top layer.

380gm caramel condensed milk
500ml cream
35gm peppermint crisp chocolate
1 packet of Tennis biscuits  or Arnotts Nice biscuits, or any fragile biscuit (preferably square shaped)

Whip cream till thick
Add caramel and mix well till combined.
In a suitable dish (preferably square or rectangular) place a layer of biscuits – don’t worry if there are small spaces in-between.
Spoon a little bit of the caramel mixture over the biscuits to cover completely
Grate a piece of the chocolate over caramel mixture.
Repeat with layering biscuits, caramel and grated chocolate until finished, ending with a caramel & chocolate layer.
Place in fridge to set for a few hours or overnight if you can.


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