The Fred’s idea started in South Africa where owners of Longhorn restaurant, Steers restaurant and Blockbusters video shop Started making South African foods like biltong and fresh meats for over 13 years. Fred’s family wanted change and decided to immigrate to New Zealand. Fred and Nellie Peens headed to New Zealand in April 2001 to see if New Zealand was a good place to live and start a business. New Zealand blew Fred and Nellie away so the family sold everything and drew up a business plan all while manufacturing equipment for the business at Fred’s engineering works.

Fred’s Fine Foods Albany opened their doors in May 2002. From day one focus was on the values of the organization which is delivering quality products through excellent customer service, professionalism and cleanliness. Internet sales and courier services started operating in 2003.

Fred’s Fine Foods was approached in 2012 by Highland Park management in Howick to open a Fred’s branch in Highland park. The shop opened in October 2012 and closed 31 August 2016 due to personal reasons.

Join our regular satisfied customers (local and online) who over the last 19 years enjoyed the finest traditional South African fare prepared onsite in our bustling shop in Albany. We are a New Zealand Owned and operated business – producing great South African food for you.

Years of experience in producing quality South African style food gives our products that unique taste, these include biltong to die for and Fred’s legendary droëwors dried to absolute perfection, available in Albany or online direct to you throughout New Zealand. In addition, we make succulent skilpadjies, tasty Russian sausages and South African style Viennas to tempt your taste buds.

We look forward to hearing from you and can promise a truly enjoyable experience, feel free to telephone us if you need personal service or have a question.